#18: Meeting with Cuure

Cuure is a French startup that is revolutionizing the healthcare market with its personalized food supplements. Since its inception in 2019, Cuure has more than 100,000 customers in Europe and averages more than 300,000 monthly visits to its platform. Thanks to a €10M fundraising in the summer of 2022, the company has the ambition to become the European leader in personalized healthcare by focusing on the development of its technologies and R&D.

The origins of Cuure

Cuure was born from the meeting between Jules Marcilhacy and Hugo Facchin in New York while both were working in e-commerce start-ups.

The two entrepreneurs share a common professional (e-commerce) and personal (health) background: we generally lack essential nutrients for our body and we don't know what we need.

Together, they decided to create a digital platform on which the user can answer a 5-minute questionnaire about his objectives (energy, stress, digestion...) and lifestyle habits (sport, nutrition...) in order to obtain recommendations for food supplements adapted to his needs thanks to a powerful algorithm.

The choice of the NoCode

To bring their innovative service to life, Jules and Hugo quickly realized that they needed to build a custom interface that traditional e-commerce website solutions do not allow.

Building the platform with Bubble, the NoCode editor, turns out to be an interesting avenue to explore fully. The result is promising: in one weekend, Jules builds the first version of Cuure and is satisfied. The following months will be dedicated to the long term improvement of the client interface and to the construction of the back-office.

For the two founders, the choice to use Bubble was a success thanks to the agility allowed by the editor and the ease to iterate their product. All they had to do was to optimize the platform following the feedback from their customers and the analysis of the usage data until the conversion rate increased. In doing so, it took only one year for Cuure to become a resounding success and to raise its first round of funding in 2020.

Adapt your NoCode application to the growth of your company

As part of its rapid growth, Cuure has encountered several challenges related to the technology chosen for the platform.

For example, Bubble no longer seemed to be able to optimally support the large number of simultaneous uses of their greedy supplement recommendation algorithm. Standard payment system integrations also no longer seemed to be able to meet their specific needs.

Did this require switching the platform to another technology? Not quite. With a growing team of developers, Cuure has adapted a LowCode approach. In short, Bubble is used to its fullest for relatively simple client and admin functionality. The more complex services of the platform are built independently in code and connected to the Bubble interfaces, for example the recommendation algorithm, which has therefore been redesigned in Python.

Jules is very confident about this LowCode approach for future evolutions of the Cuure platform: "We know how to do things in NoCode and, if at some point we discover a limitation on a subject, we will know how to do it with code".

Accessible technology for teams

Today, Cuure has about twenty employees. Most of them are able to perform minor interventions on the Bubble part of the platform.

The advantage? Allowing everyone, like Aurelia (Product Owner), to make minor optimizations while saving time for the company's developers dedicated to the platform's complex topics. Aurelia considers that the fact of not having a technical background is not an obstacle to the handling of Bubble according to the use cases.

NoCode is also making its way internally into other business areas, such as Zapier, which is used to automate processes in the marketing team.

How to build and maintain a solid platform

Jules is convinced that surrounding himself with a logical-minded team is a real strength to build a viable Bubble application in the long term because from the start, particular importance must be given to the structuring of the database and workflows to optimize performance.

For the technical maintenance of their application, Cuure has developed its own external tool to monitor the functioning of all components in real time. Every hour, the tool analyzes the application's data in order to check for potential inconsistencies in the database (a missing data because a workflow was not executed properly for example). This allows to proactively monitor for bugs that Bubble cannot detect on its own and to make immediate corrections.

Dylan Nina, Data Engineer at Cuure, also emphasizes that it is essential to work on the versioning of an application. Having a complete test environment on which developers can intervene without putting the production environment at risk is essential. They know this because this has not always been the case at Cuure: for example, the changes made to their external recommendation algorithm at one time had a direct impact on the production platform, a situation that was far from ideal and that they have managed to improve.

Cuure's next projects

After its latest fundraising, Cuure plans to overcome more and more promising challenges:

  • Offer new products and services by integrating them into the best possible user experience
  • Continue to develop internationally to become the leader in Europe
  • Establish a presence in the field, notably with the creation of an interface dedicated to pharmacists and developed in NoCode.

Thanks to Jules, Aurélia and Dylan for having granted us this meeting at Cuure! Cuure is a shining example of the long-term use of NoCode for a complex platform used by hundreds of thousands of customers.