Once upon a time, there was NoCode Summit...

written by
Clara Cros

February 2022 - It's only been a few months since I joined the agency NoCode where I work: I have very little knowledge on the subject NoCode and I have never organized an event with more than 50 people.

March 2022 - I'm asked to help co-organize the first big global event around NoCode with the goal of bringing together a thousand people.

Challenge accepted.

Visit of the place several months before the event.

7 months later, after we reached our goal, I wanted to tell you more about the NoCode Summit: the before, during and after.

What are the objectives behind such an event?

The NoCode Summit is part of the various initiatives put in place by the community in order to evangelize more and more the technologies NoCode.

Evangelization is therefore the primary objective and this is achieved through :

  • Success stories made possible in part by NoCode (I'm thinking in particular of Prello, Gojob or FINN)
  • Meetings allowing for great connections between various members of the community

Nothing better than a big event to combine the two!

Control room test and set-up the day before the event

What is the SFPN?

The French Union of NoCode Professionals (SFPN) was created to allow all those who wish to meet under a single name in order to bring together various projects related to NoCode, including the NoCode Summit. This allows each member to be on an equal footing. So if you want to join the SFPN it is possible. Whether you are an agency, a freelancer, an editor or a training organization, you can take part in the decisions concerning the projects related to the SFPN.

For your information, the elections of the new executive board of the union took place last Monday and Pierre LAUNAY was appointed as president for the coming year.

Any figures to share with us after this first edition?

The 2022 edition of the NoCode Summit was:

  • 1,200 participants
  • 600 companies
  • 44 nationalities present
  • 102 speakers
  • 33 sponsors
  • 100 bottles of champagne

All this over 2 days.

Before and during the evening

The objectives for 2023?

Double the above figures!

But also that the participants come from even more varied backgrounds so that NoCode reaches even more people and that it can be more democratized in companies.

We hope to have 3000 participants and a place twice as big!

Finally, it is also hoped that the number of sponsors will also increase and that names like Airtable, Zapier and Webflow will join us.

The most difficult part of the organization?

Contrary to what one might think, the search for sponsors was not the most difficult and energy-consuming part of the pre-event process. The latter quickly trusted us and firmly supported the initiative.

The centralization of the various data (speakers, talks, visuals, contracts etc) was part of what was the most complicated to set up and manage. We started by using a Notion and then we finally opted for an Airtable to centralize all the information and all the submissions made by the sponsors via the different questionnaires that were sent to them. This allowed each stakeholder of the organization to find the necessary information in one place and not to multiply the media.

For those of you who were present, do not hesitate to send me your feedback via the following forms:

It is thanks to your feedback that the 2023 edition can only be better!

Among the highlights of this 2022 edition:

  • The long line in front of the Cloud Business Center on Thursday before opening
  • The opening ceremony: we realize that we did it in front of a full house!
  • FINN's talk alongside Benoît de Montecler: "How did FINN scale and raise $900M with no-code?"
  • Fireside chat with Emmanuel Straschnov, co-founder of Bubble
  • Cube's round table with Gojob, Sopra Steria and eFounders: "Thousands of NoCode Use Cases for Startups & Big Companies
  • Mariam Hakobyan's talk on the future of NoCode : "The future of software is custom-built, without code; here's why"
  • Pierre Simonnin and Valérie Quiniou who shared with us key figures on the community NoCode France
  • The party on Thursday with DJ, petits fours, champagne and above all a lot of people until 2am!
  • All the positive feedback from each of you

A big thank you to all the sponsors:

code.store, Cube, alegria.group, Bubble, Microsoft, Baserow, Glide, Make, Novabricks, ncScale, Softr, Thetoolbox, Appfarm, Convertigo, Mindflow, Weglot, UDO, Weloop, Egiteko, Weweb, Fortia, Outsystems, Timetonic, Goodbarber, Freelance Stack, Noamsay, Windside, Xano, Appsmith, Au carré, Stacker

Thank you to all of them for trusting us for this first edition of the NoCode Summit!