Product Builder: the royal road to NoCode

written by
Arthur Kieffer

A new profession is making headlines on the job boards of ultra-growth companies: Product Builder. PayFit, Ornikar, Prello, Gojob, Greenly, Papernest... all these companies are looking for these new-style profiles, at the crossroads of the Product and Tech worlds.

The Product Builder, as the title suggests, combines know-how from both the Product and Development spheres (NoCode).

He or she is responsible for identifying, launching and implementing major digital initiatives within the company, maximizing the benefits of the NoCode product philosophy and tools.

Faced with the exponential increase in digital demand and the need to adjust and optimize products according to internal and external requirements, the Product Builder is an undeniable asset!

The reason? The Product Builder has the ability to undertake needs analysis stages (Discovery) and build tailor-made answers in record time, thanks to NoCode technologies. Their versatility is therefore highly prized, offering agile solutions to problems and stimulating companies' potential for innovation.

The job of Product Builder is full of challenges. He or she is positioned at the crossroads between the Product, Technology and Solution Design departments, while retaining control of the entire production process, from ideation to realization using NoCode tools.

The role of the product builder will become essential over the next decade

Over the past 5 years, we've seen a meteoric rise in NoCode technologies.

They facilitate and accelerate the realization of digital projects, while being economical and flexible. Expertise in NoCode tools and their application, combined with a perfect understanding of Product methodology, gives rise to professionals capable of propelling the digital transition of companies at an unprecedented pace.

Faced with exponentially growing digital demand, companies must continually adapt and perfect their offerings to remain competitive.

These NoCode professionals, known as Product Builders, offer companies the means to innovate and grow in unprecedented ways.

Product Builder missions

A Product Builder works in collaboration with the Product and Tech teams within a company. In his or her field of expertise, the Product Builder's mission is to detect and address user problems, whether internal or external, by developing high-performance solutions using NoCode tools. Unlike a NoCode Maker, a Product Builder's role is not limited to development; he or she also embraces product-related responsibilities specific to his or her position.

The Product Builder has two major roles:

- A product-focused role, with responsibility for the Research & Discovery stages. This enables him to identify problems, establish functionalities and prioritize tasks.

- A Development-oriented role, entrusting him with the Design & Deployment stages. He is responsible for the design, implementation, launch and ongoing adjustments of his projects, using NoCode technologies.

Training to become a Product Builder

To become a Product Builder, it's essential to master both Product-related skills and one or more NoCode technologies.

There are several ways to learn the essential skills of a Product Builder:

  • Train in Product AND NoCode skills in parallel via an intensive Bootcamp dedicated to Product Builder training (likeÉcole Cube).
  • Take specific Product Management training AND specific NoCode development training.

Finally, it's essential to build up a professional network as early as possible, and join communities of active Product Builders. This network will open doors for you to identify career opportunities and corporate missions. The challenges are many and exciting!